A New World

The beginning of a Dynasty

The group of adventurers have explored and cleared the northern portion of the stolen lands. Having accomplished this task they were given a charter to establish a new kingdom. They carefully selected the Stag Lord Fort as the site for Zeltenia, the new capitol. Illio has begun his reign as Baron of Zeltenia.

The city grew quickly as they wasted no time in building a Castle (to be named).

A flood Claimed the several lives and destroyed the town hall.

The leaders began exploring the southern Stolen Lands to clear it of threats to the capitol. Illio was nearly killed in an encounter with a powerful wight in burial chamber to East of Zeltennia. The leaders nearly dodged death as they burned their way through a hoard of skeletons to escape the wight.

Upon their return they found that the town had been attacked by a werewolf. Two citizens were killed before their arrival. Even in their weakened state they were able to quickly discover the culprit and kill him before any more citizens were killed.

On another outing the leaders encountered in a swampy area by the river. They chose talked to her but decided to leave her be.

They discovered Candlemere Tower on an island. There is a powerful magic aura surrounding it. The adventurers defeated a Willow-Wisp that was in the tower.

Our leaders also found a hill giant that seemed to be depressed as he was out of wolf berry wine. They agreed to find him something to drink but have not returned to him.

Upon their return Gregory, a bard, was attempting to insight rebellion. After arresting, torturing and finally bribing, they were able to get Gregory to agree to leave the city forever.

Anera was later killed in combat by Tendriculos but was reincarnated as a Goblin.

Upon their return Zeltenia, rumors of the presence of a cult of Gyronna have surfaced. What will the leaders do?



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