A city lost

It was a time a healing and expansion for Zeltennia. After licking its wounds from the attack of the giant owl bear, Zeltennia looked to add a center of commerce to the south. The development of Warjilis as a center of trade has led to period of expansion unseen in previous years for this infant nation.

A series of murders continues in Zeltennia including the assassination of Billium. All are presumed to be by the same person or entity as each case the victims have been poisoned by the same rare dragon weed poison.

After a time of relative stability a communication from Restov indicated that the city of Varnhold had gone quiet. No trade or visitors from Varnhold have been seen in the surrounding cities for a couple of weeks. Restov sent a scout party but they have not heard back from them. They have asked the help of Illio to investigate.

Sensing the danger to be faced ahead Illio felt this was a task to be led by himself personally along with Walter, Kyren, Serio, and Inwe. The group immediately headed north east to find a way around the mountains to get to Varnhold. After two days of travel they happened upon a fort of Restov that was abandoned. While camped here they saw a dragon flying over the Tors of Levenies. Illio and group tried to get a better look but could not get close enough to ascertain the size or type of dragon that is was. The dragon flew off and the danger was averted.

They did not waist any time in proceeding to Varnhold to see what fate had become of the town. The town was strangely quiet. Aside from signs of looting there appeared to be no signs of a battle or struggle. A couple of dead spriggans were found in the town along with the research of a local historian. This researcher by the name of Maestro Pendrod was investigating a jade bracelet found on the banks of a river by Willas. This was detailed in a letter they found from Maegar Varn to Pendrod. Drawings of the bracelet were found but the bracelet itself could not be found. In one of Pendrod’s texts a note off to the side said, “Vodakai, perhaps a Nomen Centaur God?” One of the doors in town also had the word Nomen etched into it. Most of the town has been searched when the group approached the Varnhold Stockade…..



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